About: Janice Goveas


Single parent, reluctant blogger, social media junkie, ardent foodie and incurable feminist. In my alternate life, I am a serious communications specialist with over 15 years of experience in public relations and corporate communications, with a keen interest in content writing and strategy. 

You can reach out to me on janoella@gmail.com, follow me on @janoella (twitter and instagram) and @ilivetoeatblog (instagram)

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18 thoughts on “About: Janice Goveas

  1. Hi,
    Just a comment on the very well written article you posted today. I do have to correct you, stay at home moms are working moms. We work just as hard as moms that work outside the home.
    Thank you

    • I was a stay at home mom for the longest time and i do not say we did not work. It is just the manner of speaking so the audience understands – these are words coined so there is some kind of distinction. Thank you for your comment and your compliment!

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