The Chef – Left me craving for cuban sandwiches

Yesterday i went to see The Chef on a whim. Delayed by the traffic i think i was lucky to reach the movie right on time.

The story is about Chef Carl Casper who discovers social networking after a food blogger writes a scathing review of his food. The review leads Carl to get into a twitter spat with food blogger Ramsey Michel and invites him for a meal with a changed menu.

On that night Chef Carl Casper suddenly quits his job at a prominent Los Angeles restaurant after refusing to compromise his creative integrity for its controlling owner, he is left to figure out what’s next.

Finding himself in Miami, he teams up with his ex-wife, his friend and his son to launch a food truck. Chef Carl wins the hearts of many on the way back to Los Angeles and also of his ex-wife and brings back together his estranged family.

Here’s what i loved about the movie: The passion with which Chef Carl (Jon Favreu) cooked. He cooks when he wants to have sex with his waitress/ receptionist (played by Scarlett Johansson – who also looks delicious btw) – well really saying that good food is as good as an orgasm and i agree!

Percy(Emjay Anthony) – loved the way the little boy was emoting to get back with his father and to reunite his family. Lovely father-son chemistry with Carl (Jon).

I actually was waiting for Marvin (Robert Downey Jr) – to feast my eyes on him. Was a little disappointed that he probably got so little to do..

Sofia Vergara did her part of being a supporting ex-wife who is also very much in love with Carl but not to sure about the future with him. Well played but i think she was there primarily so there could be a Cuban connection – hence the cuban sandwiches.

What i did not like: So little food! I was expecting more cooking, more visuals of food and more talk of food. Just got a little disappointed there.

The movie seemed like a promotion for twitter and vine, but maybe it was necessary for the movie to proceed. Also its funny that Ramsey Michel did not tweet back or connect with the twitter id of The Chef to make amends or figure what he is up to.

Key takeaways from the movie:

Social media was king in the movie though, played a very central and pivotal role. The movie was full of twitter, vine, food bloggers, twitter spats, youtube. The plot in the movie worked the way it did thanks to social media. The movie actually brings out the power of social media – it can make you and it can break you and no matter what you do, how permanent content on the internet are, human memories are short and there are too many stories online.

Cooking with your heart is what makes food delicious. Family and friends are important to make any passion soar to greater heights. The movie drove home the point that i believe in – food tastes best when had with family and close friends.

The cuban sandwiches – ah – that is my biggest takeaway from the movie. i want to learn how to make THEM!

Verdict: 4/5
A great watch. i would watch it once again because i want to see the Chef cook and talk about food like he did with his son at one point in the movie.

Food and Love – movie review (The Lunchbox)


The latest movie i saw had to be related to food…The Lunchbox was a movie i wanted to catch as soon as it was released but my newly acquired responsibility (my son) did not allow me to do that. Thanks to my son’s unsuspecting nanny and a sport that my mum is, i finally managed to catch it.

What i liked about the movie most?

The possibility that the characters in the movie may exist in real life.  Yes, in Mumbai anything is possible. The loneliness, the need to belong and to be loved in a fast paced city of Mumbai – yes it is all possible.

The food. The food was the unsung hero in the movie. If there was no food in the lunchbox, there wouldn’t be love in the two lost souls the movie was based on.

The movie celebrated the fact that good food can change everything. It reinforce my belief that food (apart from being the key to man’s heart as the movie says) also makes any dreary day look bright, makes all the wrongs right and generally lifts your mood to an extent that it makes all things possible.

The way the food for the lunchbox was prepared, the discussion between Mrs Deshpande and Ila was also entertaining. I could almost smell the aroma of the food that was delivered to Mr Fernandez.

The acting. Loved the main characters of the movie (Irrfan Khan and Nimrat Kaur) without a doubt. But the casting of even the supporting characters – Lilette Dubey, Nawazuddin and even the voice of Mrs Deshpande (Bharti Achrekar) was perfect.

Flashes of humor. The little flashes of humor in the movie make the whole package far more endearing than it was actually set out to be. But i wont talk about them here, they need to be experienced while watching the movie.

What could have been better?

A little bit of story weaving on Mr Fernandez’s life would have given the movie a little bit more depth into his current condition as depicted in the movie.

Also why did Fernandez decide to cancel his plans to Nasik? No idea about that too…I would have liked a little bit of information there as well.

I loved the way the movie ended though. It left me with a beautiful feeling and hope that there was a future after all for Ila and Mr Fernandez.

And the movie made me hungry enough to come home and have a good home cooked meal of rice, vegetable curry and bacon (recipe coming up soon!).

My verdict: Go watch the movie, if you believe that food can create miracles and love stories.